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Are Men More At Workplace Risk?

It is a well known fact that the lifespan of men on average is shorter than their fairer counterparts. But as per a latest survey, it’s been found that of the whole accidents happen; work place related accidents and injuries are a major contributor to many cases of early deaths and disabilities among men. Evidence from several countries proves that men are between two and five times as likely to be admitted to hospital as a result of workplace related accidental injuries. And what is surprising is that young men in particular are over represented in the deaths and accidents statistics. May be it could be due to their daringness to participate in risky job roles.

Men suffer up 11 times as many work-related burns as women. And men are several times more likely to be injured by machinery. There is less chance of finding women laborers in high-rise building construction works. So chances of accidental injuries from falling off in those buildings are higher in case of men. Many times they also suffer spinal cord injuries which could even lead to greater levels of disability due to any such risky workplace mishaps.

At times men also unreasonably represent occupations and leisure activities that carry risk. Despite assertions that men are biologically inclined to behave carelessly and to risk death, it is far more likely that socialization from an early age is the more potent force.


December 2009

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